Not many bands can say that they hold a world’s record, but Napalm Death isn’t your typical band—they play to win. Their song “You Suffer” earned a spot in the Guinness World Records for being the shortest recorded song ever, at a blazing 1.316 seconds. Although this is a great feat in itself, this metaliscious outfit isn’t most well-known for their record-setting abilities—they are widely recognized as the founders of the grindcore revolution.

Napalm Death's AdNapalm Death has greatly influenced the metal scene with their fast and furious mix of thrash metal and hardcore. Now they are influencing people to take a stand against animal testing with their new peta2 ad to save #99. In the ad, vocalist and longtime vegetarian Mark “Barney” Greenway makes a strong statement: “Vivisection is one of the ultimate acts of disrespect.” Check the ad out for yourself!

Feeling inspired to do something such as Napalm Death did to help save monkeys like #99? You could dress up in a monkey costume and refuse to take it off until animal testing is illegal—or you could take the easier, more direct approach by clicking on the button below to send a message to government officials asking them to ban primate experimentation. But if you do end up dressing up like a monkey, be sure to send us pictures.