Olympian Nick Symmonds is super-fast. He’s so fast that he’s a world-champion runner—and he’s a champion for animals, too. Nick and his rabbit companion, Mortimer, are urging everyone to leave animal testing in the dust by never buying products that are tested on animals.

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Every year, hundreds of animals—including rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, and rats—are injected with chemicals, poisoned, and killed in product tests. All for no good reason! The truth is, there are plenty of animal-friendly testing methods for companies to use.

Curious about your favorite products? Have no fear! peta2 has the best searchable database ever, allowing you to find out if a company tests on animals just by typing in its name! It’s crazy-simple. Check it out!

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Take a stand against animal testing by choosing to shop cruelty-free! Look for the cruelty-free bunny logo or the words “Not tested on animals” on everything you buy—and check out peta2’s cruelty-free shopping guide.