When peta2 sat down to chat with Nicolas Müller, we found out that, in addition to being sexy and good at snowboarding, he’s way into animal rights and knowledgeable as hell about the issues.

You were nominated in peta2’s “World´s Sexiest Vegetarians” contest. Who would you have voted for?

I would have voted for Natalie Portman-she´s very cute.

I read in your Oakley bio that you’re inspired by animals. Could you elaborate on that?

Yeah, I don´t know, it´s like we could learn a lot from them. My cat never gets pissed off or angry—she just walks off if she doesn´t like something. She wouldn´t lose energy over it. They’re just there and live up to the greater purpose, unlike us, taking over the planet … destruction.

In what ways do you think snowboarding has changed after all the hype surrounding the Olympics?

The Olympics were good to promote and show snowboarding or a part of it. The level of halfpipe riding was like never before, so that´s great. But the hype will die off again and people will realize that it´s not all about winning like in other sports. Snowboarding is all about a feeling, style, and individuality. Everybody has to find out for themselves again what’s most fun for them. The soul of it will never change.

Nicolas Müller
Why did you choose to go vegetarian? Was there a specific incident that influenced you?

My grandmother always has been a vegetarian, and my parents stopped eating meat when I was little. One night I had a nightmare about a meat factory and decided to not eat meat anymore. Now I have like a hundred reasons why I don´t eat meat: friends (animals), karma, drugs and antibiotics in meat, dead material, respect, bad taste, vibration, the stink, humans are not carnivores, much more food could be produced with the water you need for one cow, factories, transport, etc.

In what ways has giving up meat affected your health?

I stopped eating meat when I was 11. I didn´t blow up as a kid; all the hormones and antibiotics in meat made my friends at school grow so fast, too fast, so the joints and bones couldn’t catch up. It´s like if you build a house with low-quality wood, sooner or later it’s falling apart. I never broke a bone or had any serious health problems. I always have a lot of energy as well.

One night I had a nightmare about a meat factory and decided to not eat meat anymore. Now I have like a hundred reasons why I don't eat meat. -Nicolas Müller
Are there any animal issues that you feel strongly about (factory farming, fur farming, animal experimentation, etc.)? What is it about that particular issue that affects you?

Factory farming and experimentation have always been issues I feel strongly about. My mother went to the streets to collect signatures against it. But a recent thing I’ve first heard from a foundation from Switzerland is the slaughter of baby seals in Canada. That’s so disgusting…

PETA has a campaign right now that’s focused on trying to get KFC to apply more humane standards in the way it treats the chickens it slaughters. How do you feel about corporations like KFC, which refuse to take even the smallest steps to reduce the suffering of the animals they use for profit?

That is just so lame, but for money people do anything and don’t care about anything. But you can’t take your bank account to your grave or next life. What goes around comes around. Nature will strike back!