Noah Cyrus lies on a cold stainless-steel table. Her heart is no longer beating—she has been cut open for a classroom lesson in dissection.

noah cyrus dissectionkills psa

Obviously, Noah is actually alive and kicking. But what if that were your cat on the dissection table? Is learning about an animal’s anatomy worth taking a life?

The dissection industry kills more than 10 million animals every year. The animals are bred in warehouses, stolen from the wild, bought from animal shelters, or cut from their mother’s wombs. After being killed, they’re pumped full of chemicals to preserve their bodies. That’s no way to learn about life! You can be scientifically minded and learn about animals and anatomy—and see what their insides look like (if you’re into that sort of thing)—without hurting them.

There are tons of modern, humane alternatives to dissection. From an educational perspective, alternatives are superior to cutting open a dead animal—and are very cost-effective for your school, too—because computer programs can be used over and over again. You can go back and review your work. And these days, you can study via computer anywhere!

Save animals! Ask your teacher for humane alternatives to dissection.