There are about a zillion reasons why turkeys are awesome—but 45 MILLION of these sensitive, playful, intelligent birds are killed for food every holiday season.

crippled turkey

This is the life of a “Thanksgiving turkey.”

Each year, the president of the United States traditionally “pardons” two turkeys at the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation—this means that he saves two turkeys from violent slaughter. Those are two lucky turkeys, but what about the rest? Well, this year, peta2’s going straight to the girls in charge at the White House—Sasha and Malia Obama—and asking them to give ALL turkeys something to celebrate by having a vegan Thanksgiving!

Check out our letter to Sasha and Malia:obama sister turkey pardonBy pardoning not one but ALL turkeys on Thanksgiving and choosing to eat super-yummy vegan foods instead, the Obama sisters can be environmentally friendly, fight world hunger, and give turkeys a real reason to be thankful. Now that sounds like a decision that everyone can be grateful for!

Wanna jump on this (vegan) gravy train and have yourself a cruelty-free Thanksgiving feast? Check out peta2’s Thanksgiving Survival Guide and get to roastin’ that Tofurky. 🙂

turkey tofurky
Turkey image: © / Nancy Nehring 

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