Animals are not meant to be kept in captivity, and there’s no sadder proof than the death of a captive animal.

Sad Otter

A 12-year-old otter died after workers at the Calgary Zoo dropped a pair of pants into his enclosure and he became entangled in them. A zookeeper reportedly saw the otter, named Logan, struggling in the water and jumped in to help, but it was too late. Logan had drowned.? Imagine the fear and confusion Logan must have felt as he was trapped, unable to reach the surface for air.

The zoo’s director wouldn’t go into detail about how the pants got into Logan’s enclosure, but the zoo’s Facebook page called them an “unauthorized enrichment item.” The two staffers responsible were reportedly disciplined but still remain employed.

This video shows the river otters’ swimming area at the Calgary Zoo, where people talk loudly and push against the glass.

This isn’t the first time that the zoo has faced some heat over questionable animal deaths. In 2008, 41 of the 43 stingrays held at the facility died in one month, likely suffocating because the tank in which they were kept lacked oxygen. Also, a penguin named Fiona died after swallowing a stick.

Otter on ice

Even in the best-case scenarios, no zoo can ever compare to an animal’s natural habitat in the wild. We have no business separating animals from their families—and subjecting them to a life of loneliness and deprivation. Logan’s story is proof of that.

How You Can Help

Vote with your dollar by never visiting zoos, marine parks, or other places that keep animals captive or use them for entertainment.

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