Perez Hilton has made a name for himself with snarky remarks about celebrities on his popular gossip blog. No one is safe from his scrutiny—not even the Canadian government—because if there’s one thing Perez won’t stand for, it’s cruelty to animals.

When the “Queen of Snark” learned that tens of thousands of baby seals are killed for their fur in the most horrific ways imaginable, he wanted to do his part to stop the massacre, so he donned a tee and posed for peta2’s “Save the Seals” ad series.

Perez Hilton's 'Save the Seals' Ad for peta2

Perez Hilton’s ‘Save the Seals’ Ad for peta2

During the shoot, Perez had this to say about Canada’s annual seal slaughter: “I don’t understand why they have to commit this act of brutality and barbarity. It’s not necessary.”