PETA is often thought of as one big driving force helping to end animal exploitation. But in reality, the organization is made up of unique individuals who truly put the passion in “compassionate.” But who are the people behind PETA’s success, really? “PETA Reveals” videos will tell you how PETA staff members turned activism into a career.

We’ve got a laboratory investigations specialist who became driven to take on corporations by watching one monkey try to stop another from being abused, an attorney working to establish fundamental animal rights by pushing the boundaries of the law, an investigator who witnessed and documented shearers abusing sheep on two continents, and seven other game-changers who share their interesting takes on animal rights and what can be done to further animal liberation.

PETA’s groundbreaking new documentary series highlights moving stories from 10 empowered individuals who recognized animal suffering and became determined to act. After listening to their extraordinary stories, you may find yourself inspired.

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    You can effect real change by making simple choices like going vegan, attending protests, speaking out against injustice, and persuading others to do the same—and discovering that is the first step in making a difference for animals.

    If these videos inspired you, imagine how they could affect your friends and family—and, ultimately, animals. Share your favorite to help someone else release their inner activist, too.