As activists, it’s easy to feel the weight of the world resting on our shoulders (and it kind of is!). Because of this, it’s so important that every now and then, we take a well-deserved mental break and celebrate the little victories—in this case, sweet little Otto’s.

peta2 otts dog

Meet Otto!

Like countless other dogs in this country, Otto spent his life at the end of a chain in a backyard because of a family member’s allergies. One day, the little poodle somehow escaped and went missing for two whole months. By some miracle, the cutie managed to survive his time on the streets, but when he finally turned up, he was a mess.

After seeing his condition—his white fur was filthy and matted and several of his teeth were broken—his worried guardian contacted PETA because she couldn’t afford to have him treated and knew in her heart that Otto belonged indoors, as all dogs do.

peta2 otto's story

Otto at the vet after two months on the loose

Otto received medical care, including neutering, while his future was up in the air. That’s when PETA member extraordinaire Anna Ware swooped in and arranged for her wonderful friends Lauren and Caleb to make the eight-hour round-trip drive from Atlanta to Waycross, Georgia, to pick up Otto from the vet.

The moment that Otto laid eyes on his rescuers, it was like he knew they were there to take him somewhere special. (Lauren said that Otto’s tail wagged constantly during the trip, only stopping when he fell asleep!)

peta2 otto's story

Otto and Lauren headed to Atlanta Dog Spa

Lauren and Caleb took Otto straight to the Atlanta Dog Spa, where Otto received free room and board until a home could be found for him.

During his week-and-a-half stay there, Otto seemed to think that he really was on a spa vacation, playing endless games of fetch and chase with the other canine “clients,” especially his particular friend, a beagle named Sam, with whom he snuggled and napped. SO STINKIN’ CUTE!

peta2 otto's story

Just hanging out with his new friends at the Atlanta Dog Spa

Otto’s sweet spirit melted hearts every step along the way, so it’s no surprise that he quickly found a forever home with a woman and her young son, Caden. Now Otto and Caden are inseparable and sleep together every night. 

peta2 otto caden

Otto with his new two-legged best friend, Caden

All right, now everyone together: “Awwwwwwwwww!”

Otto’s sweet victory wouldn’t have been possible without help from PETA and a guardian who knew that her canine companion deserved better. So chin up, everyone! Together, we are making a difference. Just ask Otto!

If you ever find an animal who’s in danger (injured, ill, abused, lost, etc.), SPEAK UP!

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