Last week, I had the great pleasure of being invited to speak at Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon—a major university located in Monterrey, Mexico. I ended up speaking to a crowd of 400 enthusiastic college students, talking about PETA’s unique tactics and innovative strategies to promote animal rights. The crowd loved it, and they even surprised me with a certificate at the end, presented by a student wearing an “I Am Not a Nugget” chicken costume!

To make the most of my trip, I also brought along peta2’s provocative Liberation Project exhibit, which we set up on campus for two jam-packed days. Working alongside me was my host, Annie Leal, a former PETA intern who is single-handedly veganizing Mexico, one person at a time. Here are some pics we snapped during the visit!

Of course, let’s not kid ourselves—we all know what you want to hear about. HOW WAS THE FOOD?

The answer is “mind-blowing.” Sure, we all think we know what Mexican food looks like (pineapple guacamole and nachos), but as I discovered on my trip, the authentic stuff blows our Americanized version out of the water.

I’m talking about hand-made gorditas, stuffed with fresh beans, veggies, potatoes, corn—even cactus! It was my first time ever eating cacti, but certainly won’t be the last. I even had the opportunity to eat with Annie’s family for a traditional (vegan) Mexican dinner, complete with freshly-made guacamole, soyrizo with diced onions, and a creamy bean and corn sauce that defies description.

And as if that weren’t enough, Annie even welcomed me to her lovely country with a homemade gift basket, chock full of accidentally vegan Mexican snack foods. Oh Annie, you know the way to a peta2 staffer’s heart…

Olé, indeed.