like moths to flames
Mike Lerner  

With only a few years under their belt, Ohio outfit Like Moths to Flames is ready and willing to carry the torch for a new generation of metal fans. Having battled their way through an emerging pack of melodic, metal-influenced hardcore bands, the members of Like Moths to Flames know how it feels to go from underdogs to leaders of the pack.

It may sound cliché, but there’s something to be said for rooting for the underdog. While expensive purebred puppies decorate pet store windows, shelters across the country are teeming with animals in need of homes.

When it comes to the ability to love, the urge to play, and the will to survive, all dogs are the same. The only difference is how we treat them.

If you’re considering bringing an animal into your life, remember the following tips:

  • Save a life by adopting from a local shelter. Don’t support breeders or puppy mills by purchasing from pet stores.
  • Always spay or neuter! The only way to stop the overpopulation crisis that causes millions of lovable cats and dogs to be euthanized every year is for more people to be responsible guardians.
  • Give your animal all the things that he or she needs, including nutritious food, proper grooming and veterinary care, a comfortable place to sleep and hang out, long walks, fun things to do and play with, and lots of love. Be the wonderful person your dog already thinks you are.