Not everyone that attends The Cruelest Show on Earth knows that elephants used for the Ringling Bros. circus are beaten, chained, and electro-shocked in order to learn those silly tricks that no elephant would do in the wild—and it’s up to people like you and me to educate those who don’t already know!

Ringling Bros. had their opening day show in Norfolk, Virginia yesterday—and peta2 was there to tell Norfolk all about what elephants suffer through for the sake of human entertainment.

Ariel, a student from North Carolina who we met on Wednesday, decided to come out and protest the circus with us! She and a friend even made their own signs d(-.-)b (? music to my ears).

Check out Ariel’s sign:

Without further adieu, here are pics of your favorite peta2 staffers protesting!


Want to stick up for elephants? Join peta2 and we’ll let you know when there is a protest going on in your area. Don’t forget that you get 1,500 points for attending a peta2 protest—all you gotta do is send your pics to [email protected] after it’s over!

Knowledge is power!

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