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After showcasing powerhouse vocals during a breathtaking Oscars performance, Pink is using her time in the spotlight to help free horses used in New York City’s carriage industry.

In a guest blog post written exclusively for PETA, Billboard‘s “Woman of the Year” lends support to newly elected New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and praises his efforts to help the 220 horses who are suffering on the streets of New York:

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Watching a horse gallop in a field is one of the most calming sights imaginable. Watching a horse dodging traffic—nose to tailpipe and spooked by horns, sirens and pounding music—is one of the most upsetting.

I grew up caring for horses and mucking stalls for my aunt, who owns a horse farm in North Carolina. I learned that horses are very social herd animals who, by nature, spend their days grazing, playing and running together. Sadly, there are 220 horses in New York City enduring a miserable, solitary life shackled to a carriage and forced to navigate midtown traffic in all weather extremes, just to pull heavy loads of tourists.

Nyc carriage horse central park
Harry The Horse | The Man In Blue | CC by-ND 2.0 

Routine accidents have left horses dead and people in the hospital. After hours, the horses don’t live in barns but in cramped stalls in an old tenement building, without even enough room to stretch out.

peta2 salt lake city horse carriage collapse
Please join me in showing unified support for Mayor de Blasio and his commitment to giving the 220 affected horses the peaceful retirement that they deserve. You can show your gratitude by tweeting a message to @BilldeBlasio and using the hashtag #TYDeBlasio.

~ Pink

Join Pink in speaking up for horses today, because no animal deserves a life on the streets.