The ABC hit series Pretty Little Liars has given us thrills, unforeseen plot twists, and mega sass. And we’re sad that this super-addictive, binge watching–worthy show has come to an end. The cast has done wonderful things for animals over the years, and luckily, their compassion for animals has no end in sight! Check out all the ways that these actors have helped out animals:

1. Torrey DeVitto

We’ve loved watching Torrey DeVitto play the anti-hero role as Melissa Hastings, but she’s a hero IRL! She isn’t afraid to spread awareness of cruelty to animals, and she doesn’t hesitate to speak up for animal rights. Whether it’s showing off some skin for a racy peta2 anti-skins ad or speaking out against animal dissection in science courses, this longtime is a serious angel for animals.

2. Janel Parrish



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Janel Parrish’s character, Mona, is the original “A,” the best kind of tech-savvy know-it-all, and arguably the most loved character on PLL. So it’s no surprise that Janel is knowledgeable about caring for companion animals and has a huge heart for animals. She and her pup Kleo teamed up with peta2 to show some of the best ways to give dogs some love. Check it out:

3. Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell—aka Emily, the ultra-sweet “jock” of the Liars—is a total badass IRL. She knows how important it is to adopt companion animals and never buy them. That’s why she welcomed her überadorable rescued dog, Angel, into her family, and we couldn’t be happier!

4. Lucy Hale

True love ❤️

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Quirky, artsy, and secretly seductive Aria has been a serious crowd-pleaser, and she showed us that it’s OK to embrace the “weird girl” in all of us. She didn’t hesitate to show Ezra how devoted she was to making their complicated relationship last—and we’ve been shipping Ezra so hard, btw. Like the character she plays, Lucy Hale isn’t afraid to fall head over heels—for her adorable dog Elvis!

5. Ashley Benson

My little one ❤

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We’ve loved Ashley Benson’s portrayal of Hanna, queen bee of the Liars. Ashley has a super-cute pup, and it’s so obvious how much she loves her little one!

6. Holly Marie Combs

Ella Montgomery is that supportive mom we all want to have. But Holly Marie Combs isn’t just playing a character who’s fiercely protective of her loved ones—that’s her true personality through and through. The talented actor teamed up with PETA to speak up for orca moms. Check out her video:

7. Ian Harding

Getting mobbed. Would love to see y'all's pup pics! @humanesociety #nationaldogday

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Ezra has a heart of gold, and so does Ian Harding. He welcomed two rescued dogs into his home, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

8. Nia Peeples

Nia Peeples is a proud vegan who doesn’t hesitate to share her latest creations in the kitchen. Yum!

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