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Kitty, formerly Kitty Pryde and the self-declared “rap game Taylor Swift,” is a sugary-sweet breath of fresh hip-hop air. The Brooklyn-by-way-of-Florida emcee churns out dreamy rhymes that are coated in a glittery glaze and are impossible not to nod along to—or laugh along to, with pop culture–laden lines like “Why you wanna f****n’ undercut me like I’m Skrillex hair?”

When she’s not teaming up on tracks with Antwon or The Ready Set, Kitty is tucked away at home with her adopted pup, Li’l Puff. To get to the heart of the Kitty-Puff relationship, we decided to spend a New York afternoon with the duo … and it was adorable.

Before rescuing Puff at an adoption event in Brooklyn, Kitty was admittedly feeling “blah” and thinking, “Maybe I’m just lonely.” But she fell in love with Puff the minute she held the pup’s furry little paws, and she tells peta2, “[N]ow I’m never lonely, and I feel like I have a purpose.”


Aside from having a new BFF, adopting an animal comes with the instant gratification of knowing that you’re saving an animal from euthanasia or the possibility of spending years locked inside a cage at a “no-kill” shelter. Buying animals from pet stores or breeders directly supports an industry that treats them as nothing more than money-making machines. With more than 6 million animals entering shelters every year, why wouldn’t you adopt?! Honestly, why? It seems crazy.

Between life with her pal Puff and her newly acquired vegan diet (which Kitty credits with giving her a rockin’ bod and nice skin), Kitty is all positive vibes, and we’re along for the ride. 🙂

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