Rise against animal testing breaks hearts psa

Left to right: Brandon Barnes, Zach Blair, Tim McIlrath, Joe Principe

The University of Colorado–Boulder (CU-Boulder) states that its institutional vision includes “[b]uilding a 21st century learning environment.” As far as peta2 is concerned, torturing animals in classroom experiments is archaic and anything but indicative of a state-of-the-art institution.

In cruel classroom experiments at CU-Boulder:

  • Students cut off frogs’ heads and experiment on the animals’ muscles, skin, and nerves.
  • Terrified rats are forced to swim in water mazes.
  • Live rats are cut open in order to apply drugs to their exposed, beating hearts.

Cruelty-free, non-animal teaching methods are available and have been shown to teach students as well as or better than animal-based lessons. This kind of archaic treatment of animals in the name of “science” cannot continue, and no one agrees more than CU-Boulder alumni and Rise Against drummer Brandon Barnes, which is why he sent off the following letter to the Office of the Chancellor at CU-Boulder on behalf of peta2 and animals everywhere:

After spending the last 14 years playing drums in the band Rise Against, whose primary messages are about fighting injustice, I feel compelled to weigh in on this important issue.

Brandon barnes cu boulder letter

Rise Against is a band known for its commitment to fighting injustices—against humans and animals alike. A longtime animal activist, Brandon knows that to be truly forward-thinking, institutions such as CU-Boulder need to extend their ideals of higher education to include compassion and respect for all animals and to put an end to these archaic classroom experiments.