“This is a deeply depressed and excruciatingly lonely animal, her life a desolate nothingness—she’s, just waiting to die and leave the madness of doing circles in a tank for the perhaps 25 years she’ll live.” —Patron

Roxanne, a 5-foot-long whitetip reef shark, is confined to a tank only about twice her body length at Big Al’s Ottawa East, a pet store in Ontario. In the wild, these sharks roam for miles through inlets and reefs, spend time with family members, and spend their days snoozing in quiet caves and their nights hunting for food. One visitor compares Roxanne’s current existence to that of a dog who spends his entire life locked in one tiny room. And Roxanne has a lesion just in front of her gills, possibly from slamming into things to vent her frustration.

TAKE ACTION! Urge  Big Al’s to provide Roxanne with a much larger, richer environment with lots of natural vegetation and rocks to hide behind.

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