San Francisco has officially become the first major city in the United States to ban fur sales! The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in favor of the ban following weeks of debate between animal rights activists and retailers. The City by the Bay follows two other California cities—Berkeley and West Hollywood—in banning fur sales.

This historic victory for animals comes after appeals from PETA and local activists, who attended numerous committee meetings on the issue and held a rally at City Hall just a few weeks ago. San Francisco native Alicia Silverstone also weighed in by sending a letter on PETA’s behalf to the Board of Supervisors urging it to ban fur from the progressive, forward-thinking city.

“There’s so much violence in the world that’s beyond our control, but banning fur sales is one easy way to set an example of compassion for the whole world to follow. It would make me even more proud to call San Francisco home.” —Alicia Silverstone

San Francisco’s fur ban is expected to go into effect on January 1, 2019, and it will apply to anything that’s made with animal fur, including gloves, coats, and keychains.

What’s Wrong With Fur?

Not only is fur out of style, it’s also cruelly obtained. Eighty-five percent of fur comes from animals who are raised and killed on fur farms. Animals such as foxes, rabbits, chinchillas, and minks often spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages. And fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gassing, and poisoning.

Animals used for their fur are also trapped in the wild. Many are caught in steel-jaw traps—which slam shut on their limbs, often cutting the bone—or conibear traps, which crush animals’ necks with pressure. Trapped animals may suffer for days from blood loss, dehydration, shock, frostbite, or attacks by predators. Water traps can leave beavers, muskrats, and other animals struggling and in pain before they eventually drown.

Join PETA and peta2, the city of San Francisco, and major fashion brands in opposing the suffering caused by this cruel industry. NEVER buy anything that says “fur” or “angora” on the label. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to ditch fur because caring people like YOU spoke up. Never be silent—share this story, and keep the pressure on companies to go fur-free! We all have the power to create a cruelty-free world!

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