So you’ve sworn off fur and refuse to dissect in the classroom, but you still wish you could help stop countless baby seals from being killed every year during Canada’s seal slaughter? Well, now you can … at least, digitally!


In 2010, Apple blocked an app that let players beat, shoot, and kill virtual seals, but saving “seals” is fair game! Today, Apple launched Maiko Enterprises’ addictive app Seals Hero, which allows users to save virtual seals from being killed in Canada’s annual slaughter. You can download the new game straight to your phone or tablet from Apple’s App Store.

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Your character is a smart, energetic animal rights activist—kinda like real life, right?—whose mission is to save as many seals as possible within a limited time. You hate violence, so you will fight sealers with speed, intelligence, and paint while facing challenging obstacles and collecting tools to help you on your quest.

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As you play, you can learn how to team up with PETA to speak out against the slaughter, which has been in massive decline in recent years following seal import bans in the EU, the U.S., Russia, and other countries.

iPhone users can download Seals Hero here, and everyone can visit for more ways to save seals.

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