Sean Kingston for peta2

Sean Kingston for peta2

With hit singles such as “Fire Burning” and “Face Drop” on rotation in dance clubs and radio stations all around the world, it’s safe to say … Sean Kingston isn’t going anywhere!

In addition to writing upbeat songs that make you want to dance, Sean Kingston is stepping up and speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves—dogs! After hearing about his love for his dog, Sunshine, and learning that he believes that dogs should be treated as family members rather than as burglar alarms, we knew that Sean would be the perfect new spokesperson for our anti-chaining campaign. Sean and his canine friend Stella star in the ad, which debuted exclusively on MTV’s new hit series Styl’d.

Sean’s the new face of our anti-chaining campaign because he knows that life on a chain is no life at all. According to animal behavior specialists, dogs who are forced to live a lonely life at the end of a chain suffer from severe emotional and psychological damage and are nearly three times more likely to attack than is an untethered dog. Imagine living outside tethered by a heavy chain in all weather extremes with no human contact—it’s not a happy thought. As social pack animals, dogs deserve to live indoors, go on long walks, play, and feel companionship just like any member of your family.

Check out what else Sean had to say about his love for dogs in this behind-the-scenes interview …

Sean said it best … chill with your dogs, and never chain them. If you want to follow Sean’s lead and make a positive difference in the lives of dogs, check out our tips and work with local legislators to ban chaining in your community once and for all. Also, make sure that you check out Sean’s MySpace page to see when he’s coming to a city near you!