Things we know and love about Sergio Vega: He was in Quicksand. He’s vegan. He’s the newest member of Deftones, filling in on bass for Chi Cheng, who had a tragic car accident in 2008. Most importantly, Sergio Vega is not down with cruelty to animals. Check out our exclusive video interview with Sergio.

Seeing that Deftones are a family as much as they’re a band (after all, they’ve been rocking together for more than 20 years!), the band shelved the last record they wrote with Chi and penned their latest release, Diamond Eyes, with Sergio. Playing bass in Deftones isn’t the only thing that these guys have in common, though—Chi has been a huge peta2 supporter, and so is Sergio!

It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce one pound of cow fleshE. coli outbreaks continue throughout the U.S. food system, most recently with the massive egg recall. So making the conscientious decision to live a vegan lifestyle that’s 100 percent free of products derived from animals is more important than ever! Sergio Vega knows what’s up, and that’s why he’s chosen to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. He believes that any sort of cruelty to animals is simply unacceptable—including eating them and using them for entertainment in circuses and zoos.

Deftones have helped pave the way for modern rock music. Here’s your chance to make the same kind of impact for animals! Take our pledge to never go to a circus that uses animals.