We recently popped in on two of our favorite bands when they hit the road together: yes, of course we’re talking about Silverstein and Rise Against. Since we’re always the ones doing the questioning, we thought we’d pass the mic and let them do all the talking for a change.

Ever wondered how Silverstein and Rise Against became BFFs? How Billy became an integral member of the Silverstein family? Or what some of the guys’ favorite veg restaurants are?

How does Tim really feel about Wal-Mart? And why does Shane think it’s important that punk rock bands, like Rise Against, are getting more radio play? What would Joe do to Colonel Sanders if they were face-to-face? The answers to all these questions and more will be revealed in the videos below.


Ever wonder why Silverstein and Rise Against are such happy fellas or how they have so much energy? We’re pretty sure it’s because they stopped eating animals—who wouldn’t feel better after doing that? Give it a try: Take the Veg Pledge now.

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