Last month, the city of Los Angeles announced that today, August 3, would be Elephant Awareness Day! In L.A. today, tons of compassionate activists will take to the streets to raise their voices for eles, and the good news is that YOU can join in from wherever you are!

Today, in honor of elephants everywhere, peta2, Rattle The Cage Productions, and Juliette West are teaming up to give you a sneak peek at How I Became an Elephant—a documentary about how elephants are used in Thailand and other countries (and how you can help!).

Here’s how it works:

  • Click the trailer below at any time today or tomorrow (August 4).
  • Rent the entire documentary for just $5! PETA will receive 10 percent of every rental.

Get inspired! Watch the doc and then speak up for elephants everywhere by tweeting @RinglingTweets and asking Ringling Bros. to stop beating elephants! Be sure to use the hashtag #ElephantAwarenessDay! Send us a screenshot of your tweet at [email protected] for 500 points.