Please join me in congratulating our NEWEST Star peta2 member: Cole Loney! (Can Cole get a round of applause, here?!) 🙂

Cole works tirelessly to help animals, whether it’s by talking to people about animal testing at a local fair or festival, helping peta2 collect petition signatures at Warped Tour, or holding a McCruelty or KFC protest. Cole even delegated the task of handing out stickers at a Halloween event this past weekend so that he could help peta2 table at a Never Shout Never show 1.5 hours from his house—now that is dedication. At 17 years old, Cole has already helped to spread the word about cruelty to animals to thousands upon thousands of people. Oh, and let’s not forget that he’s saving more than 100 animals per year by being a vegetarian. What a superhero!

Not only is Cole joining the ranks of the other Star peta2 members, he has also received a framed certificate from peta2! Sweet deal.

Check out Cole in action:

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