Students everywhere are making the connection between eating meat and world hunger, and students at the University of Texas–Arlington have even made the Connection Café serve vegan food!

An initiative was brought about by several student groups to change the current climate for vegan food options (which was cloudy with no chance of veggie meatballs) in the dining halls. These resourceful students proposed a measure in Student Congress demanding a vegan entrée at every meal and a clear list of ingredients. It was passed unanimously with a vote of 35 to 0.

UT-Arlington students are super!

UT-Arlington students are super!

After dining on chickpea curry, apple coleslaw, and jasmine rice, UT-Arlington student and Vegan Club President Ann Mai had marvelous things to say about the newly implemented modern meal choices. Check out her critique on her blog, The Broccoli Bulletin.

Texas, formerly known for something or other, is now known as one of the most progressive states for vegan food choices on campus. UT-Arlington joins a long list of vegan-friendly Lone Star State colleges, led, of course, by the University of North Texas, which lays claim to the first all-vegan dining hall in the U.S. (but not the last)!

Proposing a bill in your college’s legislative body to get cruelty-free foods on campus is an attainable goal for any college student. Contact us for political pointers!