With the release of Blackfish, more and more people are urging SeaWorld to stop abusing orcas, dolphins, and other animals.

Orcas at SeaWorld are confined to tiny tanks that are the human equivalent of a bathtub, kept in chemically treated water, and grouped incompatibly. The intelligent whales often sustain broken teeth and are in constant pain from snapping and gnawing at the tank gates as a result of stress and aggression.

Nakai front injury at SeaWorld
Orca Research Trust  

The animals imprisoned by SeaWorld need us to speak up, and that’s exactly what students in Mr. Palmiotto’s cinematic arts and video production class at Point Loma High School are doing. The talented and compassionate students co-wrote, starred in, and edited a moving public service announcement protesting SeaWorld’s cruelty. Check it out below!

It’s no surprise that peta2 will be honoring these students with a Compassionate Classroom Award for their incredible work speaking up for orcas and other animals abused by SeaWorld.


Now it’s YOUR turn to speak up—share the video with everyone you know!

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