Bubbly YouTuber Yovana Mendoza (Rawvana), dynamic duo Nina and Randa Nelson, and surfer extraordinaire Tia Blanco dropped in to get their hair and makeup done by professional stylists and explain why using cruelty-free cosmetics is where it’s at.

Rawvana, Nina and Randa, Tia Blanco

These gorgeous ladies want you to know how fun and easy it is to make the compassionate choice when buying makeup. Check out their fun interview for secret beauty tricks.

Their best beauty tip is simple but powerful: “Look for the bunny ears.” This little sign shows that the beauty product you’ve got your eye on wasn’t tested on animals and that it’s certified cruelty-free by PETA. Plus, you can easily find cosmetics products with PETA’s “cruelty-free” logo in many stores, from Sephora, Target, and drugstores to your local natural food store.

“It’s very easy to tell if something is cruelty-free because all you have to do is look for the little cute bunny on the makeup, and you can also check on the PETA website.” —Randa Nelson

Yovana, Nina, Randa, and Tia are vegan, and they don’t support subjecting animals to cruel and painful tests for beauty products. There’s nothing beautiful about torture, pain, and death.

Animals used in these archaic tests are forced to inhale chemicals, chemicals are dripped into their eyes, or substances that sting are smeared onto their exposed, raw skin.

Countless rats, mice, and bunnies are locked inside tiny cages and used in experiments—often without pain relief—until they get sick and die from toxic inhalation or are killed. Plus, animal tests do NOT reliably predict outcomes in humans. Since so many humane non-animal testing methods exist, using animals to test beauty products is not just cruel but entirely pointless.

two brown rabbits outside in grass

Choosing to buy cruelty-free products is so easy, and [it’s] one of the simplest things you could do to help animals.” —Tia Blanco

Feeling inspired? Like these influencers, you can also prove that beauty isn’t just skin deep. Let your inner beauty shine, too, by always choosing cruelty-free beauty products. Just look for the bunny “cruelty-free” logo or check out peta2’s Beauty Without Bunnies list to find out which brands don’t test on animals.

“Be conscious of it: When you go out and purchase new beauty products or whatever products that you’re buying, look for the cruelty-free bunny! —Yovana Mendoza

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