T. Mills
Brad Elterman 

We first got wind of Travis Tatum Mills, aka “T. Mills,” during Warped Tour last summer. His infectious beats are a treat and so is his passion for animal compassion. So we were stoked to meet up with T., who has lived with a household of animal companions his whole life.

It’s so awesome that T. Mills knows what’s up when it comes to the reality of animal overpopulation and the importance of adoption. When 6 to 8 million unwanted cats and dogs end up in animal shelters each year, adoption should be the ONLY option for bringing new animals into your family. Half the animals who enter shelters must be euthanized because there aren’t enough good homes, and that means that every time someone buys an animal from a pet store or breeder, he or she takes a home away from an animal in a shelter.

Like T. says,

[I]f you have the opportunity to adopt and save a life, I feel like it’s just a more humane thing to do.

Wondering how you can help?

  • Always spay or neuter your animals. And encourage everyone you know to do the same!
  • Always adopt and never buy. Remember: For every dog purchased from a pet store or breeder, a dog in an animal shelter is euthanized.
  • Inform the community. Promote the ABCs (Animal Birth Control!) to everyone you know!