Let’s take a trip down memory lane, way back to when I first went vegan. I was a happy little vegetarian teen and had been for two solid years when suddenly, everything changed. My teacher had us read excerpts from Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation and a few other texts that argued the case for animal rights.

In thinking more about animal rights as a moral issue, it became crystal clear to me that in order to do what I felt was right and not be a total hypocrite, I needed to ditch dairy and eggs ASAP. I needed to go vegan. And guess what? I did it (yay!)—largely because of my teacher, who was chill enough to include animal rights in his lesson plans. (Thanks, Mr. W! ?)

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Nowadays, having students read some philosophy texts is honestly basic compared to what some teachers are doing—like replacing animal dissection with high-tech virtual-dissection software, leading amazing animal rights clubs on campus, or showing vegan documentaries in class—but it still made a huge impact on my choices and, in turn, helped animals. So yeah, teachers can sometimes be the bane of our existence—no doubt. But sometimes they use their powers for good and support and inspire us in our animal-saving journeys. ?

Do you know a teacher who is doing amazing things for animals?

Well, if so, pro tip: May is National Teacher Appreciation Month, so now’s the time to do something nice for yours. But don’t bore them with another basic AF coffee mug or apple-themed trinket (yes, everyone else thought of that, too). Do something actually cool for them by nominating them for a chance to be TeachKind’s Teacher of the Year and win a load of dope prizes—including a gift basket, a one-of-a-kind tote bag, and 10 vegan meals delivered to their front door (aka the best gift ever).

TeachKind (PETA’s humane education division) is hosting its yearly Teacher Appreciation Contest, and one lucky teacher is going to win big.

So if you know a cool teacher who has done good stuff for animals this school year, speak up now to let us know!

E-mail [email protected] by Friday, May 25, with the information below to nominate your animal-friendly teacher for a chance to win this year’s Teacher Appreciation contest.*

Please put “Teacher Appreciation Contest” in the e-mail’s subject line, and include ALL the following information:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. The name of your school
  3. Your school’s city and state
  4. Your teacher’s first and last name
  5. Your teacher’s e-mail address (If you don’t have it, ask them.)
  6. ALL the deets about the great things your teacher has done to help animals this school year (We want to hear about everything.)

Need we remind you that it’s almost finals week? In other words, now’s not a bad time to get on your teacher’s good side. ? But for real, if your teacher is doing good for you and animals, then they deserve some recognition—and this contest is the perfect way to do it.

*Contest details: Open to U.S. residents only. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. TeachKind will choose one winner and three runners-up by assessing two criteria: 1) which teacher is setting the most inspirational example for students through his or her actions for animals (e.g., encouraging students to try vegan foods; explaining why the classroom is not a safe place for “pets”; demonstrating why we shouldn’t buy or wear clothing, shoes, or other accessories that are made from leather or other animal skins; etc.) and 2) which teacher most impresses us with his or her actions to help animals during this school year (e.g., implementing the use of virtual-dissection software in classrooms instead of dissecting animals, volunteering to sponsor the school’s animal rights club, setting up a fundraiser to benefit animals in need, etc.)

The winner will receive an animal-friendly gift basket designed especially for teachers, a starter pack from vegan meal-delivery service Veestro, a one-of-a-kind TeachKind tote bag, and a certificate honoring the person as TeachKind’s Teacher of the Year. 

Heads up! By e-mailing us your entry, you’re acknowledging that you’ve read and you agree to our contest terms and conditions and our privacy policy and that you’re also agreeing to our collection, storage, use, and disclosure of your personal info in accordance with those policies.