Ink, Not Mink! AdFranka Potente may have played the love of Matt Damon’s life in the blockbuster thriller The Bourne Supremacy, but that didn’t stop the Run Lola Run star from cuddling up to nearly nude German punk drummer Bela B. to pose for PETA’s new “Ink, Not Mink” anti-fur ad. The pair stripped down to flaunt their killer tattoos and drive home the message that you don’t have to wear fur to look hot.

Why would Franka rather be almost naked than wear fur? In her words: “I can’t understand why someone would want to wear a coat that’s made out of 70 dead animals. It’s old-fashioned and cruel, and I categorically reject that.”

Watch our undercover fur farm investigation to see just what Franka means. Once you’ve watched the video, we’re sure that you’ll want to do more to help all the innocent animals tortured on fur farms. We’re also sure that you want to earn free stuff. So what’s the easiest way to accomplish both goals at once? Just sign up for the peta2.