the early november report animal abuse peta2 psaNot unlike the punk bands of ’77 or Seattle in the ’90s, in the early 2000s, a band’s identity could be revealed simply by being a “Drive-Thru” band. Sharing the Drive-Thru Records roster with emerging emo and pop-punk bands that would go on to champion the scene and flirt with mainstream success for years to come—including Midtown, Hellogoodbye, and New Found Glory—The Early November were leaders of the pack of underdogs.

After some time away for grown-up life and solo projects, The Early November reappeared in 2012, without having skipped a beat, with the release of In Currents (via Rise Records). Teaming up with peta2 for the first time, The Early November are standing up for some of life’s true underdogs—companion animals.



Every year, PETA gets thousands of phone calls from people reporting animal abuse. In neighborhoods all over the country, dogs are chained up outside without shelter, food, or water during the hottest days of summer and on winter’s coldest nights. The fierce loyalty and intelligence of bulldogs and pit bulls is exploited so that they can be trained in fighting rings, where the dogs are forced to rip each other apart again and again. Unwanted litters of puppies and kittens are tossed aside or abandoned every day, needless deaths that could have been easily prevented through spaying and neutering.

Always stand up for those who can’t defend themselves. Help save an animal’s life by reporting cruelty to animals or animal abuse to your local authorities. For more ways to stand up for animals, join peta2.