True heroes of good, sincere music, buzzworthy band The Gaslight Anthem has been my number one pick ever since its SideOneDummy Records debut. So of course I was extra-ecstatic to learn that drummer extraordinaire Benny Horowitz is a longtime vegetarian. We have an exclusive video with Benny for you to check out–and an amazing contest to go along with it!

Benny took time to chat with us about how his animal-loving childhood naturally led him toward a vegetarian lifestyle. It’s a common path for many animal-loving kids: to put it simply, why would you want to kill and eat the animals you love?

Animals who are raised for food are confined in windowless metal sheds, wire cages, and gestation crates, and these are only a few of the terrible abuses that cows, pigs, and chickens endure on factory farms–before they are sent to a horrific and inhumane slaughter. The best way to help these innocent animals who are doomed to a life of torment is to make the compassionate decision to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. So join us and Benny in taking a stand against cruelty: Go veg!