Take the first step for animals, with peta2, Macbeth Footwear, and Tonight Alive! We’re proud to present one of the coolest campaigns in peta2 history and (drum roll, please!) … our very first peta2 shoe!

Tonight Alive: The First Step

So, what is The First Step all about? It’s about encouraging YOU to stand up for animals, one step at a time.

You can help animals by making cruelty-free choices not only with what you eat but also with what you wear, including by avoiding fur, exotic skins, and leather. Yes, leather! Did you know these facts about leather?

  • Wearing leather is wearing someone else’s skin. Gross! It’s no different than wearing fur.
  • Leather contains toxic chemicals that are not environmentally safe! Not only does the leather industry hurt animals—it’s also extremely toxic to our environment and a danger to human health. Skins from dead animals rot, and to prevent this, companies use tons of toxic chemicals that end up in nearby soil and water supplies.
  • It’s cruel. Most of the leather in the U.S. comes from India, where cows are marched hundreds of miles in the heat, without food or water. At the slaughterhouse, their throats are cut and they’re skinned alive—all just for a shoe or a belt. Not much different from factory farming, huh?

Want to help animals and humans?

Donate your old leather shoes to a homeless shelter or nonprofit and share a photo of your good deed with us by uploading it when you sign the leather-free pledge below. The best part? We’ll give you a discount code for 10 percent off on the new peta2 “Gatsby” by Macbeth! If you’re already rockin’ cruelty-free shoes (high-five!), submit a pic of your vegan shoes!


It’s the first step to a cruelty-free lifestyle, and it’s so simple!   

By signing my name, I pledge to ditch leather shoes and instead purchase animal-friendly, cruelty-free vegan shoes.