OK, we know that we’re being a little sappy, but come on, any band that promotes peta2.com and speaks out for animals as consistently and passionately as Rise Against does can’t help but make our hearts skip a beat. We’ll bet that after you check out our top 10 countdown, none of you animal lovers will be able to resist Rise Against’s charms either:

10. Come on, who doesn’t love a human pyramid? And we think that those snazzy PETA2 shirts make it extra impressive.

9. They give great interviews.

8. They did it first, and some might still say that they did it best … they hooked you up. Our lucky winner sure hasn’t forgotten the signed vinyl, Geoff Rowley/Vans vegan skate shoes, Cinderblock hoodies and T-shirts, and Rise Against merch he got from Rise Against and peta2.

7. It’s like Tim says, “If we can make vegetarianism, veganism, work on the road, you can make it work at home. All four members of Rise Against, none of us eat meat.” You heard the man, go veg!

6. They always let PETA2 members into their shows for free … to table.

5. They just love signing autographs. Be on the lookout for opportunities to score a signed peta2 book at some stops on their upcoming tour.

4. They always give us shout-outs. We’re just returning the favor.

3. If you got your grubby little hands on their newest release,Siren Song of the Counter Culture, you might already know another reason we’re sweating Rise Against: They included the “Question Authority” sticker in the first 30,000 copies of the CD.

2. Joe Principe told AP, “My old band [88 Fingers Louie] used to tour with Good Riddance a lot, and they always had PETA literature with them. I was always like, ‘Oh, I’ll never stop eating meat,’ but then I read the literature, and I’d think, ‘OK, this is fucked up.’ That was four years ago.” Joe’s been veg ever since.

1. Which brings us to the number one reason we love Rise Against: The guys who were inspired by reading leaflets at Good Riddance and Earth Crisis shows now have a leaflet of their very own. Click the image to enlarge the leaflet and check out the quotes from the band on the back.