Melodic hardcore pentad Touché Amoré of Los Angeles tours like crazy. When we found out that one of the band’s guitar players, Clayton Stevens, is vegetarian, we couldn’t wait until Touché Amoré was home in LA so we could chat with Stevens about how he became tuned in to animal rights. Check out our exclusive interview!

Like many people who grew up going to hardcore shows, Stevens first learned about animal rights through the music scene. Struck by peta2’s ubiquitous presence at shows, he took it upon himself to learn more. Seeing PETA’s shocking videos often plays an influential role in developing compassion for animals, as it did for Stevens. But most of the time, sympathy develops naturally from a personal interest in gaining knowledge and getting involved. For example, uncovering the truth about the cruelty of factory farming often leads to finding out about the environmental impact of the meat industry and its direct correlation to humanitarian issues such as world hunger. It’s no surprise that raising animals for food is the number one cause of climate change. Couple that with the knowledge that nearly half of all the water used in the United States goes to raising animals for food while more than 880 million people lack access to clean water worldwide, and it’s hard to ignore the bigger picture.


So what can be done to help? Try Meatless Mondays or even going vegetarian for a month. If you’re already vegetarian, take the next step by eliminating all dairy products from your diet and going vegan. If you’re already vegan, spread the word and be a positive influence on those who haven’t quite come around yet. Never be silent when it comes to standing up for what’s right, as your voice will always make a difference!