We have some awesome news! Earlier this week, a representative from United Airlines let us know that the company has banned shipping primates to their deaths in laboratories!

This victory means that because of PETA’s successful campaign, there isn’t a single commercial airline based in North America that is willing to transport primates to a cruel death in laboratories—making it much more difficult for experimenters to get their hands on them in order to lock them away from their families and poison, cut up, and kill them!

Cute monkeys

This wouldn’t have been possible without YOUR help! Peta2 members from all over spoke up for monkeys and other nonhuman primates and flooded United’s inboxes and Facebook wall with messages urging the airline to stop shipping these animals to be tortured.

United’s new policy means that there are only four major international airlines left in the world that are willing to ship primates off to years of suffering. Let’s make that number zero!

Tell Air France you won’t be flying with it until primates don’t either.