Deep inside the laboratories of the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), thousands of animals—including mice, monkeys, dogs, cats, rats, and rabbits—are cut open, mutilated, and killed for a wide variety of useless and inhumane experiments.

Monkey Gandalf’s hand was bitten down to the tendons by a frustrated monkey caged next to him, and workers reportedly gave him only ibuprofen to ease his pain. He lived in misery in his cage until he was finally euthanized after employees performed an experimental surgery on him.

Experimenters cut into rabbit Jack’s knees and surgically placed a wire inside them so that they could contort his legs into an unnatural position. The purpose? To cause intentional trauma to his knee joints. He lived in agony in a barren cage. The nails of other rabbits used in this experiment were torn off because of the unsafe cage floors.

Jack University of Pittsburgh experiments

Mice and rats in the labs were found drowned in their cages, were suffocated in a plastic bag, and were even starved.

Pitt students want the world to know that they’re not OK with this cruelty on their campus. This week, the campus newspaper, The Pitt News, tweeted about the horrific experiments via PETA.

Many students and other Twitter users expressed their outrage with what the school is doing. Many of them proclaimed that experimenting on animals is wrong and that they want Pitt to stop the unnecessary abuse.

When students are furious with the actions of their beloved school, you know something is wrong. Read just some of the horror stories about what the animals used for experiments at Pitt have gone through.

Stand in solidarity with Pitt students by speaking up for all animals who are being abused on campus!
  • Tweet @PittTweet to tell the school that cruel experiments on animals have no place on a college campus.
  • Or write to the National Institutes of Health and ask it to stop sending money to Pitt’s cruel experimenters.
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