Contrary to what some might believe, vegans don’t hold ritual veggie burger sacrifices in their kitchens or annual dread-weaving parties at home (or at least, I seriously hope not). We do, however, tend to have some compassionate quirks in common when it comes to our living spaces!

Check out these surefire signs below to see if you have entered a true vegan’s domain:

1. Tofu was on sale, so your friend stocked up like it was the motherf*cking Apocalypse.

peta2 tofu in vegan apartment

2. Tom’s products bless every bathroom like holy water.

peta2 vegan apartment tom's

3. Scary animal rights art on the walls is used to ward off animal abusers! (Perhaps it’s best to warn the casual visitor before entering, though.)

peta2 vegan apartment

4. Going to the bathroom has become a spectator sport.

peta2 cute dogs

5. The shelves showcase vegan cooking DVDs up the wazoo. Because if anything is going to rival those Jane Austen adaptations and Bravo DVD sets, it’s gonna be vegan food.

peta2 vegan food dvds

6. Animal rights books decorate the coffee table as if to say, “I’m a compassionate, well-read person, AND I still haven’t bought a bookshelf.”

peta2 animal rights books

7. Cat-hair tumbleweeds. (Or dog hair, depending on your animal companion.)

peta2 cat hair in apartment

8. There is a drawer dedicated exclusively to peta2 shirts—because fashion should NEVER be compromised when it comes to spreading the word for animals!

peta2 signs you're in a vegan's apartment

9. Someone walks in carrying a bag of McCruelty, and everyone else in the room has this reaction:


10. Taco Bell salsa packets are the condiment of choice at any meal gathering. Hey, they’re a lot freer than the traditional salsa.

peta2 vegan apartment taco bell salsa
Chrishyson90 | CC BY-SA 2.0 

11. There’s always a bag of Oreos on the shelf which leads to the inevitable battle of “WHY DID I BUY THIS AT THE STORE? IT CAN ONLY BE EATEN IF I BUY IT.”
vegan apartment oreos
williac | CC BY 2.0 

12. Relationship status: cruelty-free body pillow

peta2 vegan apartment body pillow

OK, maybe that last one was just me…

Did we leave out any vegan signs? Let us know in the comments below! 🙂