From basketball stadiums to airports, vegan food is everywhere! It only makes sense that colleges would be thinking about what they offer their students. Since a vegan diet means that you are thinking carefully about what you eat, it can get you wondering what some of the smartest schools are serving. As it turns out, the answer is some delicious vegan food!

Dartmouth College, a prestigious Ivy League school, offers some fine dining options for its students. How about some vegan riblets from Dartmouth’s all-vegetarian Herbivore kitchen?

dartmouth herbivore

The second Ivy League school on our list, Cornell University, has long been a contender in peta2’s Vegan-Friendly Colleges contest, and it isn’t hard to understand why. This top school offers its students delicious food that also looks impressive! Its inventive and helpful staff create delicious and colorful dishes such as Moroccan squash stew with quinoa!

Cornell Moroccan Squash and Carrot Stew

Massachusetts Institute of Technology has some of the smartest students of any school in the country. But on top of a serious education, these brainiacs are also treated to delicious vegan donuts made by a vegan chef! That’s right: They have their own vegan chef!

apple cider doughnuts

How did these schools get such delicious, cruelty-free food? Simple! Their students asked for it! See how your college stacks up, and find out how to veganize your school as well as start a student group today!

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