As vegans, we’re used to hearing certain things from the people around us. We also know that it’s easy for others (and ourselves, even) to get stuck on stereotypes and traditional assumptions about how guys should act, and it’s often confusing for some dudes why in the name of bacon you’d want to go vegan. So fellow plant-based dudes, here are some things that you may have heard or experienced during your journey into vegan dude-dom.

1. At some point, that one “Johnny McEverybro” friend has asked you where you get your protein from.

Gorilla protein


2. The aforementioned Johnny has also asked you if you’re ever afraid of veganism making you “weak.”

Patrik Baboumian, Germany's Strongest Man

IDK, does this guy look weak to you?

3. Finding a cool vegan leather belt and wallet was the best day of your life.


OK, maybe not the best. But it ranks pretty high up there.

4. Oh, and a vegan leather jacket.

Vegan leather jacket

Life is good when you look good. *puts on sunglasses*

5. You’ve wept sweet tears of joy upon seeing cruelty-free men’s products at the store.

Nobody look at me. I'm having a moment.

Hey, we all most people want to be clean and smell nice. I hope.

6. No, that hunting trip with “the boys” does NOT sound fun.

No, that hunting trip with "the boys" does NOT sound fun.

Let’s just go camping instead, yes? Yes.

7. Same thing goes for fishing.

No, that fishing trip with "the boys" does NOT sound fun.

I can’t possibly be the only person who thinks it’s boring as hell, either.

8. You get more and more excited all the time about awesome new vegan menswear.

Vegan leather shoes

Just look at these bad boys. *o*

9. You secretly know more about women’s cruelty-free cosmetics than some women do.

You secretly know more about women's cruelty-free cosmetics than some women do.

Look—we just do our research, OK?

10. You hope that when you reach your 40s, you’ll still look as good as vegan actor and musician Jared Leto does.

The 86th Academy Awards (Oscars) 

Seriously, look at this guy. How?!

11. You wished that vegan powers were real after you saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Vegan super-powers are real!

Oh, wait—they are real. 😉

12. Meeting other vegans (male, female, or otherwise) reminds you that we’re all in this together.


Group hug, everyone. ♥

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