You may have heard about the extremely popular “Vegan Thanksgiving” rap song, which went viral. We were stoked that people all over social media were so excited about vegan rapper GREY’s rad track listing all the delish vegan goodies enjoyed over the holidays last year. (Who doesn’t love an extra helping of Tofurky?!) Now, GREY has released a new album we can’t stop listening to.

#MissedCalls Available Everywhere! ???

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The Atlanta-based rapper’s new EP, Missed Calls, is definitely a crowd-pleaser. GREY masterfully lays deep, Southern vocals on soulful trap beats, and we can’t get enough of his rhymes.

Available Now!! ??? #MissedCalls Link in bio!

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Outside the studio, GREY loves sticking up for animals and shedding light on his compassionate choice to go vegan. In an interview with Bustle, he explained his decision. “Once I started to understand what’s in the food that we eat and the effects it can have on the body, in addition to the obvious animal cruelty behind it,” he said, “it was enough for me to start a new lifestyle.”

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GREY chooses to eat with compassion, and so can you! Check out our Guide to Going Vegan—from delish breakfasts to tasty late-night snacks, we got you.

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