Vegans are super-weird. If you don’t know what a vegan is, it’s someone who refuses to eat or wear dead animals’ body parts or use anything else that came from an animal. Vegans have this crazy idea that it’s unethical to murder a living being in order to eat his or her flesh, and they also claim that a vegan diet is healthier.

But don’t be fooled by their “logic”! Here’s proof of some of the crazy things that vegans do:

They eat large meals full of delicious things.

Vegans can often be spotted eating large platefuls of healthy, hearty, delectable foods. This behavior is truly bizarre. 

vegan picnic on the roof at work! ❤️?????? #tbt #vegan

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Sometimes they get tattoos of the things they care about. 

Getting a tattoo that is meaningful? Who even DOES that? No one. No one except those weirdo vegans.

Love this tattoo. #animal #animals #animalrightstattoo #animalrights #nice #looksgood

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They eat fruit.


Some of them go hiking with their rescued dogs.

This is extremely abnormal behavior. There is nothing to enjoy outdoors—everyone knows that. 

Tank & Pixel though ?

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Many of them can devour an entire vegan pizza by themselves.

Shocking, I know. They should all be locked up!

They go out to dinner with other vegans.

A group of psychos—terrifying. They’re probably eating and (dare I say it?) having conversations! Are they talking about me? Who knows. Either way, they must be stopped.

They wear trendy shirts with animal rights messages.

This is DEFINITELY a sign that vegans are not quite right in the head. I can’t imagine why people would want to look cute and stand up for what they believe in at the same time. Madness!

Some of them go to the gym.

An obvious sign of lunacy. We all know this. 

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Finally, they think that all animals deserve respect.

Wait … this actually makes sense. Every day, animals are tortured and killed so that humans can eat their flesh, wear their skin, and use products that are tested on them. That’s seriously f*cked up!

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Hmm … maybe we were overreacting just a bit. In fact, none of this stuff really seems that weird at all. Perhaps vegans are … just regular people! Being vegan actually seems pretty awesome. I mean, who doesn’t want to save animals, help the planet, eat tasty food, and live longer?

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