Here at peta2, we love ANY excuse to party (i.e., eat yummy vegan food)—whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, the middle of the week, or the season finale of Glee (HOLLA!). But something that’s definitely celebration-worthy is your veganversary! Wait—you don’t know what a veganversary is? Let us school you for a sec …

Veganversary (ve·gan·ver·sa·ry) n.
1.      The annual celebration of the date on which you decided to stop eating animal flesh and be a super-awesome human being
2.      The date on which you stuff your face with vegan cake and veggie burgers in order to celebrate when you decided to go vegan


OK, so maybe we made that definition up, but it’s still pretty true. Check out our tips for having the most unforgettable veganversary EVER.

1.      Dress accordingly


This is a special day, and any old T-shirt and jeans just won’t cut it—but a peta2 shirt will! Showcase your commitment to saving animals and turn heads at the same time. It’s a win-win situation! Our faves include our “All Hearts Be Free” and “I ♥ Veggie Burgers” T-shirts. (Psst, you can get both for FREE!)

2.      Let the world know! 

Instagram Vegan Food

Veganeversary status

We get you—there’s nothing more annoying than lovey-dovey couples who can’t help but proclaim their love all over your Facebook feed, reminding you just how single you really are. But hey, now it’s your turn to make them jealous! Let your friends know about your veganversary and how easy it is to go vegan. They’ll get inspired to start helping animals, too!

Note: Sharing vegan cake is optional.

3.      Have a fancy dinner grub out

Vegan food

Special dinners are an anniversary staple, and it shouldn’t be any different for your veganversary. We recommend dining on an EPIC meal, such as our vegan BBQ garlic pizza or tofu-bacon English muffin. Oh, and don’t forget that nothing screams “anniversary” more than dessert. End the meal on a sweet note with one of our über-easy dessert recipes, such as our DIY vegan chocolatespeanut butter mousse, or waffle sandwich (yes, it’s a sandwich made with waffles—MIND BLOWN!).

Feel like dining out? No prob! Check out the Happy Cow app to find yummy options near you! Oh, and remember: Don’t be a jerk to the server!

4.      Go out on the town

Street Team

Pass out leaflets, organize a protest, table at school, or complete any of our other super-fun peta2 missions. And don’t forget to collect your points!

5.      Treat yo’self 

Street Team goods

You are saving animals every time you sit down to eat, and we think that’s pretty freaking awesome! Head over to our store and use your peta2 points to get some peta2 merch fo’ FREE. You deserve it. 🙂

There you go—five tips on how to make your veganversary memorable.

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