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Fantastic news coming out of the Grand Canyon State—students at Arizona State University (ASU) will no longer be cutting holes into hundreds of rabbits’ necks, injecting them with drugs, and then killing them for biology labs! Other animals, though, are still in great danger, including live frogs and rats, who are being subjected to hideous, antiquated, torturous experiments. It is critical that you take a stand right now for ALL animals at ASU.

Since 2008, PETA has been working with members, supporters, and ASU students to end the use of animals in classroom physiology laboratories at the university. Last year, the number of frogs used was drastically reduced, and now comes confirmation that all labs that use rabbits have ended. Let’s keep the momentum going!

How You Can Help Animals in ASU Labs

Thank ASU officials for saving a significant number of animals from misery and death in school laboratories, and ask them to follow through on this compassionate decision by replacing all the remaining physiology experiments on animals with state-of-the-art non-animal teaching methods as has already been done at the University of Arizona.

For more info on how you can cut out dissection and experimentation at your school, click here.