Something you should know about peta2 is that we don’t know how to give up. Seriously, we don’t even know what those words mean! 😛 And you know why? Because we know that peta2 members NEVER give up—and they just proved it once again!

Yesterday, after five years of campaigning and thanks to all the impressive work by peta2 members who spoke out against dissection, Connecticut has passed a dissection-choice bill that will allow students to say NO to dissection and instead be provided with humane, non-animal teaching methods, such as realistic models and interactive computer programs.

Connecticut cuts out dissection.

Want to help the more than 10 millions animals—including pigs, rats, frogs, and even cats—who are killed for classroom dissection every year? Here’s how:

  • If you’re a student in Connecticut, be sure to let your teacher know that you refuse to chop up dead animals and want to use a humane method instead.
  • Not in Connecticut?  Check out our “Cut Out Dissection” site for easy steps on how YOU can get a victory for animals at your school!

Thanks for being AWESOME! 🙂