It’s finally the beginning of the end for the horrific cat hell known as “Caboodle Ranch, Inc.”—a disgusting, crowded, disease-ridden no-kill “rescue sanctuary” in Madison County, Fla.—that has long been the subject of complaints to PETA’s office.

Today, thanks to evidence gathered by a five-month PETA undercover investigation, the cats are being seized and taken to safety.

Video footage and photos taken by PETA’s investigator show cats suffering from upper-respiratory infections so severe that they drooled, had bloody mucus clogging their noses, and gasped for air, struggling to breathe. Cats also had ruptured corneas, went blind, and, in some cases, died. One such cat, Lilly, died after fighting for months, losing her battle with what initially seemed to be a simple cold.


Caboodle’s founder and operator, Craig Grant, admitted his guilt in response to criminal cruelty-to-animals charges based on the information gathered by PETA. We are grateful to Madison County Animal Control, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, and the Third Judicial District of Florida State Attorney’s Office for taking this case seriously and pursuing it with the seriousness that it deserves.

This investigation comes at a critical time for homeless and unwanted animals in Florida. A dangerous bill is currently making its way through Florida’s legislature. Animal shelters would be forced to hand over animals to self-proclaimed, unregulated “animal rescues” like Caboodle if the misleading “Animal Rescue Act” (H.B. 597 and S.B. 818) becomes law.


Please ask the bill’s sponsors to withdraw the legislation without delay.

Never be silent.