Your fave clothing companies PacSun and rue21 have confirmed that they will never sell angora rabbit wool! The retail chains join a growing list of companies, including Forever 21, Express, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Eddie Bauer, and many more, that have stopped selling angora after seeing PETA Asia’s undercover footage of rabbits screaming in pain as their fur is ripped out of their bodies. Much of this fur is then sold to the United States for use in clothing.


Super-popular retailers H&M and Topshop ceased the production of any items made with angora after seeing the video, and H&M is allowing customers to return angora products bought at the store for a full refund. However, H&M and Topshop continue to sell off their remaining stocks of cruelly produced angora items.
Update: As a result of PETA pressure and actions taken by peta2 members like you, Gap Inc. announced that it has no plans to buy more angora. Because of this great decision, peta2 and PETA have stopped our campaigns targeting Gap. However, we’ll still work to get Gap to establish a total ban on angora wool.

What can you do to help rabbits?

Share this great news and our undercover investigation video with your friends. Pledge never to buy anything made with angora, and urge your friends and family to check labels before they buy clothing, too.

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