Violett Beane is a force to be reckoned with. A super-talented actor starring in the popular TV series The Flash and the movie thriller Truth or Dare, she doesn’t hesitate to leap into a new on-screen role. In an exclusive interview with peta2, however, she kept it real. She’s a passionate vegan who wants all animals to be treated equally. Check out her ad:

All Animals Deserve Respect

“[W]hether it be your family dog or cat or a chicken or a pig or human beings, we all have the exact same parts. We all deserve the same amount of respect.” —Violett Beane

Violett knows what’s up. It doesn’t matter what we look like. Cats, dogs, rabbits, frogs, fish, and humans are all sentient, living beings who deserve to be treated equally. Animals can feel pain, form bonds, and experience many emotions, like joy and fear. They all want to live—so we should allow them to do so.

Check out the behind-the-scenes vid from Violett’s ad (and don’t miss our round of Truth or Dare with her at the bottom of the page).

Consuming Meat, Egg, and Dairy ‘Products’ Hurts Animals, the Earth, and Humans

Mercy for Animals 

Simply put, consuming products derived from animals hurts everyone involved.

Factory farming is the dominant system of food production in the U.S. Because the industry seeks to maximize output while minimizing costs, pigs, cows, and chickens on factory farms are crammed into very tiny spaces. The filth and pollution in these cramped conditions results in rampant disease. Add on beatings and other forms of abuse—like debeaking and dehorning—plus a short life ending in a terrifying trip to the slaughterhouse and you have the story of billions of animals killed for their flesh each year in the U.S.

“The amount of resources such as water and electricity that you’re using to produce animals is so much greater than it is for crops.” —Violett Beane

Raising animals for food hurts the environment, too. The highest quantities of water pollution come from the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Animals raised for food produce more than 10 times the waste that humans do, and the runoff often ends up in our water. Plus, it takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef but only 219 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of tofu.

“The heaviness of meat can weigh you down, mentally and physically.” —Violett Beane

Consuming animal-derived foods can also leave you feeling sluggish. Eating meat, egg, and dairy “products” has been linked to an increased risk of suffering from acne, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. So you can really hurt your body when you eat other animals.

And dairy “products” often contain pus and hormones. Violett sums up just how weird drinking cow’s milk really is:

“Humans are the only species that drink[s] another animal’s milk. And if you think about it … we stopped drinking our mother’s milk when we were really young. Why are we drinking someone else’s?”

Couldn’t agree more. ❤

Want to Switch It Up? Go Vegan! ?

Eating vegan can do wonders for your energy levels and your health—take it from Violett.

You can join her in saving more than 100 animals each year by keeping cruelty off your plate. Check out peta2’s Guide to Going Vegan for tips, recipes, and more. From delish breakfasts to yummy late-night snacks, we’ve got you covered. ?

Check Out Violett’s peta2 Truth or Dare Video