A video of a clothed dog wearing a backpack and walking and hopping around a city has been circulating the internet this week, but before you hit that “like” button, you should know that there’s nothing “cute” about the dog’s performance: It’s very likely that someone beat the poodle into performing for peoples amusement.

The dog in the video is reportedly also a hit on the Chinese video app Huoshan Video. Numerous accounts feature videos of this brown poodle in a variety of costumes, most of which also show the animal standing on his or her hind legs.

While, upon first glance, the post looked funny to some, others shared videos revealing that people beat dogs in order to force them to stand on their hind legs for long periods of time.

Some concerned viewers brought up the story of a poodle—who looks very similar to the dog in these recent videos—who was filmed being cruelly trained to perform the same dumb trick.

What You Can Do

Animals aren’t ours to use for entertainment! Never support any activity that involves animal performances, and always alert authorities if you hear about or witness animal abuse.

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