Wax On Radio is the rare band that can force even the most jaded of indie concertgoers to forget about the text message they were sending and/or the girl or guy they were trying to make eyes at and actually pay attention to what is happening on stage. Not only does this progressive rock outfit out of Chicago have what it takes to make the most hardened scensters take notice, they also are all vegan or vegetarian.

Another reason to like Wax On Radio is that they like KFC just about as much as fixed-gear bicyclists like brakes (for those not versed in bike speak, that means not all). Proof of their hatin’ on KFC is found on the KFC petition they signed below.

You, too, can use the power of the pen (or in this case, the mouse) and show your support for chickens, like Wax On Radio did, by signing the petition yourself! After signing, be sure to check out our riveting interview with Wax On Radio vocalist/guitarist Mikey Russell and bassist/guitarist Harrison Taylor below.

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Now here are Mikey and Harrison, in their own words:

We heard that everyone in Wax On Radio is either vegetarian or vegan. Was there one thing that stood out for you that helped you make the choice not to eat animals?
Mikey: I was at a Fugazi show about seven years ago, and there was a table there with a lot of animal rights literature and free buttons and stickers. So I read a few pamphlets and talked to the activists working the table, and I couldn’t believe how horrible the things I was reading and hearing were. I couldn’t believe that people could treat other living creatures so objectively and have absolutely no compassion for them. The amount of pain and fear the animals in factory farms go through is so unbelievable. I became vegetarian overnight and went vegan a year later.

What are your favorite vegan foods?
Harrison: I love Mexican food and Thai food. There are a ton of great mom-and-pop restaurants in Chicago that serve authentic Mexican food. I also love grilling Boca burgers.

What would your advice be for people who are thinking about making the switch to a vegetarian diet but worry that it is too hard?
Mikey: Going veg is relatively easy as long as you keep yourself in tune with your beliefs and continue watching videos and reading up about animal rights. The most important part of fighting any kind of injustice is keeping it fresh in your mind and on top of all your distractions, so that you don’t lose sight of how important it is to you.

What do you think about KFC?
Harrison: I feel that it’s really pathetic and disgusting that a corporation is spineless and money hungry enough to reduce lives to the state these animals live in. To force living creatures to endure hellish conditions and abuse so you can make money off their dead bodies is really perverse and disgusting.

Do you have a message for KFC?
Mikey: My message for the people calling the shots at KFC is simple: You’re all soulless monsters who deserve to be tortured yourselves, and you should feel completely ashamed. You allow yourselves to sink low enough to allow these things to be performed in your company to increase profit and decrease spending, and it’s filthy. Completely heartless and filthy.